Monday, May 5, 2008

At Yale we “simulated a wasteland experience” by bringing local trash into the show space and encouraging audience participation

The Wasteland Beautification Pilot Project was organized in December2007and January2008 with the help of Boris and Rabbit and the participation of Alfred University students Krysta Kearney, Chris Milette and Jamie Carestio (as well as the desert pirate texan crew) and with the sponsorship of the Dean of Alfred University School of Art and Design, Joseph Lewis III. It took place in Southern New Mexico and Arizona, mostly on the Bureau of Land Management public lands. With a little help of the BLM representatives and maps, we found several illegal dumpsites and created sculpture from the trash. On return, we presented documentation in the form of projections and sound at Alfred University and Yale University School of Art within interactive recreations of various aspects of the Pilot Project.

WBP Miniatures: the ship keeps on sailing

I know what we can do! we can make a snowman! we can make it tall or we can make it not so tall...

impromptu-driveby-building, AZ january2008